London by month

London in September

London in September: What’s On & What to Expect from Weather

A visit to London in September will offer you everything you expect and more! With the crowds beginning to thin out slightly with the start of the school holidays and the weather still reasonably good, you should be in for a fun trip! Read on to find out more in this guide as to what [...]

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London in August

Visiting London in August: Weather, Places & Things To Do

This is one of the best times to hit this capital city in our view - mainly because you’ll have the best chance of getting decent weather in August in London. Outdoor activities - markets, festivals, and exploring the streets - are a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. One thing we don’t enjoy however [...]

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Visiting London in July

London in July: Tips for Enjoying Summer Weather in London

A visit to London in July will uncover for you the best of London’s weather, festivities and atmosphere. It is one of the few times in the year that eating outdoors in warm weather is possible. On top of that, the city is buzzing with tourists, day trippers, and locals who all spill out onto [...]

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London in June

London in June: Weather & Packing Tips For Amazing Experience

If you are considering visiting London in June then we have one piece of advice - just do it! This may just be the best month during which to visit London! The weather is generally good (of course, within the context of United Kingdom weather... ) and the summer crowds are not yet making the [...]

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London in May

Visiting London in May: Beautiful Weather, Events & Things to Do

London in May can mean the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, to walk the streets and to sit in a beer garden! Of course, all of the other usual attractions are still on offer too. Let’s check out all there is to do in London in May together. What to Expect from London Weather [...]

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London in April

London Weather in April: Best Things to Do & What to Wear

April is one of our favourite times in which to visit London. With the weather picking up, temperatures on the rise and more life about the place, it’s a fun destination for spring. And there is plenty to do! Check out our guide to London weather in April, and what you can expect if you [...]

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London in March

London weather in March: Cool places & Things to do

March is a fabulous time to hit the big city of London. The dark days of winter are becoming a distant memory. The city begins to wake up. Spring is in bloom! Yes, if you want to visit London in March, there is plenty to keep you busy. You’ll also be able to spend more [...]

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London in February

What to do in London in February: Amazing Places & Tips

The United Kingdom is not known for splendid weather, even in the summer. The weather in London in February is no exception, but please do not let that stop you. February is a great month to visit, especially as you won’t likely be jostling for space with thousands of other tourists. Read on for the [...]

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Visiting London in January

Visiting London in January: Best Places & Things to Do

Of the whopping 30 million tourists that visit London, the majority come in the spring and summer months. Those who visit London in January are offered more room to explore, fewer crowds and the city largely to yourself! Our guide below will tell you how to get the most out of this massive city in [...]

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