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English Heritage Pass – explore London and England’s top attractions

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London is a pretty big city, home to 9 million people. It is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, attracting a whopping 30 million annually. The trappings of the British monarchy lead millions to visit every year. Dozens of exciting attractions, including the London Eye, the Shard and Madame Tussauds attract young and old alike. A great transport network can get you from A to B with ease.

London also has an amazing multicultural vibe that reflects the dynamic makeup of the UK.  You can sample cuisine from all over the world, shop for saris, try a shisha, sample Caribbean chicken. The list of attractions is endless in this megacity. Use our guide to help get to know London in depth with the English Heritage Pass.

Most visitors want to hit off the major attractions. A trip to Buckingham Palace is a must. Obligatory photo of Big Ben a given. Some of the shops are a tourist attraction in themselves! Harrods of course, Hamley’s toy store and Liberty’s are all favourite places to splash the cash in London!

But there is another side to the capital city, and that’s where the English Heritage Overseas Pass comes in. Read on to find out just what the pass offers, and decide whether it is the pass for you.

About the English Heritage Pass

English Heritage can help you check out all of these great attractions. They offer, amongst other memberships, the English Heritage Overseas Pass (check for last price). The pass is created for those coming from abroad. It really is designed to help you uncover the charms of rural and historic England.

However, we find it can help you out to explore London as well. The pass is offered on a 9 or 16 day timeline, so it’s good for a road trip around London and South England for example.

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How does the English Heritage Touring Pass work?

Access to the English Heritage Overseas Pass is pretty straightforward. Visit the English Heritage Pass page here and firstly decide what type of pass you need. For example, choose an adult pass, a couples’ pass or a family pass. You’ll have to print the pass out or have access to your confirmation email on your phone. Then, simply present your booking confirmation at any English Heritage facility for access to the attraction. You’ll now have your English Heritage touring pass in hand and be able to get to see the sights!

If you do not have access to a computer, or just prefer to purchase in person, that’s possible too! Just turn up at any English Heritage site and buy your pass at reception.

Note, you must have proof of overseas residency or citizenship. This can be a passport or ID card, and photocopies are acceptable.

english heritage pass Website

English Heritage Pass price and validity

Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll be able to choose between a 9 day or a 16 day pass. Here’s the current pricing below. Check here for any updates.

Pass Type Adult 2 Adults Family
Price €45.40 €78.85 €89.61
Validity 9 Days 9 Days 9 Days
Pass Type Adult 2 Adults Family
Price €53.76 €90.80 €102.75
Validity 16 Days 16 Days 16 Days

What’s included in the English Heritage Overseas Pass ?

The attractions on offer in the English Heritage Overseas Pass can be viewed here in this detailed map. There are over a hundred attractions all over England to be visited.

For those interested in visiting London, there are at least a dozen attractions in the London region and areas around. Here’s a list of the British Heritage Pass attractions for London and the surrounding area. We’ve put the usual pay at gate prices for 2024 here too so you can answer the question “Is the English Heritage Pass worth it?”


  • Free Entry
  • Hampstead Lane, Hampstead, Greater London, NW3 7JR.
  • Website here

This stunning stately home has amazing collections of art, beautiful gardens and lots of different architectural gems to uncover.

english heritage pass Kenwood House

Chapter House

  • £24 per adult, children £9
  • Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, London, SW1P 3PA
  • Website here

Beautiful vaulted ceiling, medieval architecture and 13th century stone altar can be found in the former parliament.

Jewel Tower

  • £6.50 per adult, £5.90 per child
  • Abingdon Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3JX
  • Website here

14th century tower that was used to house Edward III jewel collection

Apsley House

  • £11.30 per adult. £6.80 per child
  • 49 Piccadilly, Hyde Park Corner, London, W1J 7NT
  • Website here

The first Duke of Wellingtons opulent home – marble columns, gold gilded walls, extravagant furnishings.

english heritage pass Apsley House

London Wall

  • Free entry
  • Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4DJ
  • Website here

A Roman defence wall from AD 200!

Ranger’s House The Wernher Collection

  • £10 per adult, £6 per child
  • Chesterfield Walk, Blackheath, London, SE10 8QX
  • Website here

Beautiful  Georgian Villa housing world famous Wernher Art Collection

Wellington Arch

  • £6.50 per adult, £5.90 per child
  • Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, London, W1J 7JZ
  • Website here

Used to be an entrance into Buckingham Palace, converted to a victory arch to celebrate Duke of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon

Winchester Palace

  • Free Entry
  • Clink Street, Southwark, London, SE1 9DG
  • Website here

13th Century home of the Bishops of Westminster, largely destroyed by fire in 1814

english heritage pass Winchester Palace

Coombe Conduit

  • Free Entry
  • Coombe Lane West, Kingston upon Thames, London, KT2 7HG
  • Website here

Tudor waterworks system

Marble Hill House

  • currently closed for renovation, open in 2024
  • Richmond Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 2NL
  • Website here

Beautiful Palladian villa with extensive grounds, café and hand painted Chinese wallpaper

Chiswick House

  • £9.70 per adult, £8.70 per child
  • Burlington Lane, Chiswick, London, W4 2RP
  • Website here

Stunning 18th Century Roman style villa

Harmondsworth Great Barn

  • Free Entry
  • The Great Barn, Manor Court, High Street, Harmondsworth, Greater London, UB7 0AQ
  • Website here

15th Century Grade 1 listed barn

English Heritage Pass Benefits

  • Save money on entry fares across London’s heritage sites
  • See historical and architectural attractions in London that you miss with other city passes
  • Bolt on a visit to London with travel across the rest of England – for example to Stonehenge – and use the same pass
  • One ticket access to all the attractions
  • Plan your visit around the pass
  • 9 or 16 day pass – less pressure to see all the sites than with other passes
  • English Heritage attraction pass for London also included
english heritage pass Stonehenge

English Heritage Pass Cons

  • Doesn’t include the major London attractions
  • More tailored to those interested in history and art
  • 9 or 16 day pass too long for those on a city break – other passes may be more suitable
  • A lot of English Heritage sites are free to enter anyway – e.g. the Coombe Conduit

For whom is the English Heritage Pass intended ?

We would recommend the Heritage Pass for the following:

  •  Those on their second or third visit to London who want a change from the main tourist sites
  • History buffs and those interested in religious and heritage sites
  • Those bolting on a weekend in London to an extended road trip around the UK


Other city passes, for example the London Explorer Pass might be more suitable for you if:

  • It’s your first trip to London and you want to hit off the major tourist hotspot
  • You aren’t interested in historical sites
  • You are on a short weekend vacation

Remember London already boasts a number of free attractions too, so if you are on a budget you can really enjoy the capital anyway. For example, the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum, Tate Modern……

english heritage pass Tate Modern

What you save with the Heritage Pass ?

The durations available on the English Heritage Explorer pass mean you can take in the sights at your leisure and really explore at your own pace.

Where a visit to London is concerned, the pass offers a different set of attractions. You’ll miss the queues at the London Eye, Shard and Madame Tussauds and see a different face of London.

English Heritage Pass Review

Pass Duration 9 days 16 days
Price Starts at €45.40 per adult Starts at €53.76
Travel card No No
Attractions All – 100+ All – 100+
Extras Guidebook, discounted events Guidebook, discounted events


Is the English Heritage Pass worth it – Our opinion

Is the English Heritage Pass Worth it? In our opinion yes – but only if it’s your cup of tea.

You need to be in to heritage attractions – don’t buy this pass if you want to see the London Eye or take a bus tour! Check out our reviews of the London Explorer Pass for that.

If it is your bag, or if you have done all the major sites before, then it’s definitely worth it for the savings alone! Especially if you can head out of London too and tour more extensively in Britain.

london pass tipTips to get the most of your British Heritage Pass

  • Some of the sites have limited openings – open at weekends or certain days in the month – check carefully
  • Try and time your visit along with some of the special events that sites often organise
  • Country houses often have beautiful gardens – use your pass for these on sunny days!
english heritage pass London Eye

Where to buy the English Heritage Pass ?

Visit the very detailed English Heritage Website for more information on how to purchase the pass.

Simply order the pass online here, print it out, and present it at any of the attractions listed above.

If you prefer to buy the pass in person that is possible too. Just rock up to the desk at any staffed English Heritage site and pay there.

Don’t forget to bring your proof of overseas citizenship or you won’t be able to use the pass! Some sites may also ask for the credit card used at the time of booking, so you will need to bring that too.

How to use the English Heritage Pass ?

Your printed out pass can simply be presented at the desk of the English Heritage site of your choice. It’s that simple!

Comparative table on Passes in London

Pass Go London Explorer Pass London Pass English Heritage Overseas Pass London City Pass by Tiqets iVenture Travel Pass
Validity 30 days from activation 1 – 10 consecutive days 9 or 16 consecutive days Unlimited 30 days
Types 3,5 or 7 day pass 1,2,3,6 or 10 days 9 or 16 days One type 3,5,7 or 10 specific attractions
Prices Cheapest 3 attraction pass starts at £64 (adult) Cheapest 1 day starts at €82.49 (adult) Cheapest 9 day adult pass starts at €45.40 Adult pass €98.04 Adult pass starts at £69
Travel card No Can add on Oyster No No Yes, as one of the selectable attractions
Airport Transfers No No No Yes No
Attractions 65 80 100 100+ 30
Extras App, Map App, Map, Restaurant discounts Guidebook, Discounted events 20% off wide range of attractions Guidebook, meals
Tickets Go London Explorer Pass London Pass English Heritage Pass London City Pass iVenture Card


English heritage pass – FAQs

londonpass.info faq

Do National Trust members get discount at English Heritage?

No – the two memberships are not linked.

Does National Trust membership cover English Heritage?

No – they are separate entities. However, many National Trust properties are free to enter, but members benefit from extras such as free parking.

Is Blenheim Palace an English Heritage Property?

Neither. Blenheim Palace is a World Heritage Site. However, English Heritage pass members can get a discount from the standard fare of £24.99.

Is Hever Castle and English Heritage Site?

Neither. Hever Castle is a privately owned house, and is a member of the Historic Houses Association.

Is Warwick Castle English Heritage?

Not exactly, but English Heritage cardholders get a 50% discount off the entry price. So, instead of £13 pay just £6.50 per adult.


Hopefully you now understand all the benefits of the English Heritage Overseas pass. You’ll be able to answer the questions “Is the English Heritage Pass worth it”. You are also now well versed in the Heritage Pass UK attractions for London.

Whether you are a history buff or just enjoy taking a nosey at the décor inside a stately home, the Heritage Pass offers real value for money. It’s not for everyone, but if you have specific interests it can be a blessing.

We’d recommend checking out the other London Passes first to ensure this is the right one for you. And, to get the most out of your English Heritage Overseas Pass, try to arrange a trip around the rest of the UK with it too!

Let us know which London City Pass you choose. If you go for the English Heritage Overseas Pass, we’re interested in seeing which sites you picked!

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