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Go London Explorer Pass – how to Cherry Pick the best attractions ?

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London – one of the most iconic tourist destinations on the planet! Over thirty million people visit this multicultural city every year to explore its many attractions. It’s not the biggest city on earth– the title of which belongs to Osaka, (London doesn’t even fall into the top 10). It’s also not the biggest city in Europe and sits fourth in the list after Istanbul, Moscow and Paris.

But, with 9 million people you can be sure to experience a dynamic and lively city with plenty of attractions to keep you occupied.

What do you think about when you are dreaming of a visit to London? Most likely it’s the attractions of the British establishment. Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben. These are iconic things to see in London of course.

But that’s definitely not all that London is about. What else is there to see, and is the Go London Explorer Pass worth it when checking these attractions out?

We’ll hook you up here with the best tips and advice for your trip to London. And we will give you the complete Go London Explorer Pass list of attractions to help you plan.

About the Go London Explorer Pass

We’ve visited many times and know that London can be a bank-breaking experience! Some of the best attractions don’t come cheap. Add to that some pretty pricy extras – such as travel cards, accommodation, meals out……You might be left with very little extra cash for attractions after paying for the essentials.

The Go London Explorer Pass is an all-encompassing travel pass that can help you plan and budget your trip to London.  It includes , a hop on hop off bus tour and access to several of London’s top attractions. It also grants up to 35% off other things to see in London.  The Go London Explorer Pass list of attractions is endless!  We’ll show you how to use it here – just read on for more information. We’ll also give you plenty of information on where to buy the Pass.

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How does the Go London Explorer Pass work?

The set-up of the Go London Explorer Pass actually helps you cherry pick from the top twenty London attractions. This makes your research on things to see in London pretty easy, as they are all on the list.

Depending on the pass you purchase, you will get free entry to either 3, 5 or 7 of the best Go London Explorer Pass list of attractions.  Then, for the remaining attractions that you don’t access for free, you get a 35% discount at the entrance!  Use it wisely and you can save tons of money during your trip. We’ll show you later how to make the most of the pass to maximise your savings. Skip to this section here if you can’t wait!


Go London Explorer Pass price and duration

You should select the type of Explorer Pass you use depending on the length of your stay. Choose between a 3, 5, or 7 free entry ticket – 3 might be enough if you are visiting for a quick weekend for example. 7 would do if you have an extended stay. Prices obviously change accordingly – check out the pricing structure below:

Number of Free Attractions Price Adult Price Child
3 €58.54 €40.62
5 €88.41 €58.54
7 €112.31 €74.07

What’s included in the Go London Explorer Pass ?

There is so much to discover in the Go London Explorer Pass list of attractions. Here is the full list below.

You’ll need to choose between one of the sponsored Bus companies aligned with the Explorer Pass. This is either Big Bus London or Golden Tours. Once you’ve selected one you will need to use only this provider for the duration of your hop on hop off tour.

london explorer pass Golden Tours Bus

Full List of Attractions on the Go London Explorer Pass

This is the entire list of the attractions available on the Go London Explorer Pass website.

Where possible, we’ve linked each pass to the corresponding website so you can learn more about each attraction!

london explorer pass Madame Tussauds

Go London Explorer Pass Benefits

Go London Explorer Pass reviews indicate a ton of benefits. Check them out!

1.     Validity

The Go London Explorer Pass is valid for 30 days from activation! So, you’re not time bound in the same way other city passes are. Whilst this doesn’t help you of you are flying in for the weekend never to return, it is useful in some instances. For example, you could be hubbing through London, going somewhere else, then hubbing back out of London. In this instance your pass would be valid on both visits! If you are there on a weeklong break this pass will ensure you can use it the whole time. This is way better than, for example, a 72hr pass.

2.     Ease of use

The Go London Explorer Pass should be renamed London For Beginners! It’s that simple to us that even I couldn’t mess it up. You’ll not have to queue in line over and over again for tickets (or even log on to different websites over and over). You’ll not be rifling through tickets trying to work out what’s what. It’s just one pass for all the attractions. Simple!

3.     Saving Money

Say you are going all out with the 7 attraction option. The Go London Explorer Pass immediately offers you a cash saving. Even though you will have to stomp up the initial outlay, the money you can save adds up. The value of the pass is usually less than what you would pay if you rocked up at the gate to several of the attractions. In addition, the hop on hop off bus and boat tours are added travel bonuses. Plan properly and you might just be able to avoid buying a London Underground travel card on a couple of days!

4.     Hop on Hop Off Bus

Save on a travel pass and get your bearings. Many Go London Explorer Pass Reviews call out the Hop on Hop Off Bus as an added bonus. You can use it to travel and stop at literally dozens of different locations. You’ll save the price of travel for a day. Plus, the bus tours come with on board tour guides who can help you get your bearings in the city – a must in a place like London.

london explorer pass Big Bus Tours

Go London Explorer Pass Cons

Go London Explorer Pass reviews also call out a few things to look out for with this Pass. Consider these points carefully when deciding on your purchase.

1.     Transportation

One things that’s a bit annoying is the lack of Travel Card as part of the deal. It would be good if the card threw in a travel pass for the London Underground and London Bus networks. It would be one less thing to worry about during your trip. However, to be fair, London’s underground and bus networks are pretty sophisticated – you can just tap in and out with your debit card.

2.     Other discounts

Other city passes for other major European cities often include additional discounts on meals, experiences and shopping. The Go London Explorer Pass is great for attractions, but that’s kinda where the magic stops.

3.     20 Attractions to choose from and that’s it

The range of attractions on the Go London Explorer Pass is pretty decent. However there are a few amazing things to see in London that don’t feature on the pass. The Tower of London and Windsor Castlefor example don’t feature. Museums too are on the light side here. If you are a history or art buff you might need to look elsewhere to get the best deals.

london explorer pass Tower

For whom is the Go London Explorer Pass intended ?

The Go London Explorer Pass is a great one for those of you who want ease of use and control over your trip budget. With your accommodation booked and your Explorer Pass in hand it should be pretty easy to keep a hand on your finances.

It’s also a pretty good deal for those on extended trips and who want to pack in loads of sightseeing. The 30 day validity seems strange – who can afford to be in London for 30 days J – but it gives those on a longer trip enough time.

For those on really quick layovers or a weekend break, the pass works well too. Pick the 3 attraction card for example to get a quick fix when in the city.

All in all the pass works out a pretty good deal for first time visitors to London town!

The Go London Explorer Pass might not be the one for you if you want to spend time in art galleries and historical attractions. It is more a general overview of the sights of London and not tailored to those with specific interests.

london explorer pass Great Gate Hampton Court Palace

What you save with the Go London Explorer Pass ?

Pick from any of the Go London Explorer Pass attractions and you will save money when compared to the gate fare. For example, say you had the 3 attraction pass. Here’s what you would save below if you picked some of the big hitters:

Price of 3 attraction pass £64

Entry to St Paul’s Cathedral £20, Madame Tussauds £35, London Eye £30 – Total £85

Saving with 3 attraction pass – £21

And that’s not to mention the hop on hop off bus that comes included with the card!

london explorer pass St Paul Cathedral

What sets it apart from its competitors ?

The Go London Explorer Pass offers those visiting the capital the chance to take is sloooow. With no time pressure on the card, you can enjoy the sights without worrying about expiration dates. It’s also not overwhelming. With 20 of the best selected sights in London on the card, there’s a manageable list from which to choose. This will help you prioritise your visit. For newbies to the British capital, it’s an excellent introduction to things to see in London.

Is the Go London Explorer Pass worth it – Our opinion

We think so, if you are one of the people we’ve mentioned above. Anyone looking for an overview of the major sites, like to explore at your own pace and want to keep control over your finances – then the pass is definitely worth it!

If you want to focus more on a particular interest – e.g. museums and galleries – then the more extensive (and expensive) London Pass may be the one for you instead.

Go London Explorer Pass Overview

Pass 3 Attractions 5 Attractions 7 Attractions
Price €58.54 €88.41 €112.31
Transport 1 x Hop on Hop Off Bus tour 1 x Hop on Hop Off Bus tour 1 x Hop on Hop Off Bus tour
Extras Mobile App Sightseeing Map Mobile App Sightseeing Map Mobile App Sightseeing Map

london pass tipTips to get the most of your Go London Explorer Pass

If you play the London Pass correctly you can save a ton of money. You’ll need to hit the most expensive attractions off the list in order to do this. Check out a few examples below:

One of the biggest savings to be made is by those selecting the 7 Attraction Pass.

You have a higher initial outlay of course, but you’ll get to hit off more sights.

Get the 7 Day Go London Explorer pass for £114. Then, enjoy ALL of these attractions:

  •   Hop On Hop off Bus Tour – worth £38
  •   Madame Tussauds – worth £35
  •   London Eye – worth £30
  •   Sea Life London Aquarium – £30
  •   London Dungeons – £30
  •   Westminster Abbey – £30
  •   Shrek’s adventure – £30

In total, these attractions alone would set you back £216. So you’re saving a whopping £102 with the pass.

Of course, many people can’t afford to come to London for a whole week! In this instance, the shorter duration passes also offer savings.

The 3 day Pass will save up to £39 if you pick the top 3 attractions. For example, buy the pass for £64, then head to Madame Tussauds, Hop on Hop off Bus and Sea Life which would cost you £103.

Check out some more examples on the Go London Explorer Pass website.

london explorer pass Westminster Abbey

Where to buy the Go London Explorer Pass ?

The answer to the question “Where to buy the Go London Explorer Pass” is pretty simple – get it online here and select your arrival date.

Simply select which pass option you want online and checkout. You will receive confirmation to your email address.

london explorer pass

How to use the Go London Explorer Pass ?

Once you get your email you can either print out your pass or, more usually, download the app and have everything on your phone. No more fumbling around with tickets!

Comparative table on Passes in London

Pass Go London Explorer Pass London Pass English Heritage Overseas Pass London City Pass by Tiqets iVenture Travel Pass
Validity 30 days from activation 1 – 10 consecutive days 9 or 16 consecutive days Unlimited 30 days
Types 3,5 or 7 day pass 1,2,3,6 or 10 days 9 or 16 days One type 3,5,7 or 10 specific attractions
Prices Cheapest 3 attraction pass starts at £64 (adult) Cheapest 1 day starts at €82.49 (adult) Cheapest 9 day adult pass starts at €45.40 Adult pass €98.04 Adult pass starts at £69
Travel card No Can add on Oyster No No Yes, as one of the selectable attractions
Airport Transfers No No No Yes No
Attractions 65 80 100 100+ 30
Extras App, Map App, Map, Restaurant discounts Guidebook, Discounted events 20% off wide range of attractions Guidebook, meals
Tickets Go London Explorer Pass London Pass English Heritage Pass London City Pass iVenture Card

FAQ – Go London Explorer Pass faq

Is the London Eye included in the London Pass?

Yes! The London Eye – usually worth £30 – is included in the London Pass!

What does the london pass include?

The London Pass includes FREE ENTRY to the attractions of your choice – choose to visit up to 7 free attractions including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds and the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

How to activate London Pass?

You download the app to your phone. Once you use the barcode at the first attraction, the pass will be activated.


Selecting your pass depends on what your needs are, your length and stay and whether you have been to London before. We hope this detailed guide has helped you decide what pass to select for your visit to London. Check out the full range of attractions and much more here.

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    We love using the Go City passes. We’ve used the explorer pass twice in London. We found that as a family, we were not having to rush around to each attraction and enjoyed the flexibility of being able to use it over multiple weeks.

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