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London weather in March: Cool places & Things to do

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March is a fabulous time to hit the big city of London. The dark days of winter are becoming a distant memory. The city begins to wake up. Spring is in bloom! Yes, if you want to visit London in March, there is plenty to keep you busy.

You’ll also be able to spend more time outdoors than in the previous months. And you get an extra bonus hour of daylight towards the end of the month. Read on for all our hints, tips, and tricks. We’ve got everything you need for a successful trip!

Visiting London in March – good timing or not?

March heralds the beginning of the tourist season – the further through the month you get, the more visitors start to flock into the city. It is a time of the year in which you can begin to enjoy London’s outdoor attractions, such as the parks. March through May is a nice time to visit, but do expect it to be busier than say January or February.

This means that we see both hotel and flight prices beginning to rise after a winter lull. You may also see less availability on the best seats in the West End shows if you don’t plan well in advance.

London weather in March – need to know

Weather in London in March

Don’t let all this talk about spring make you think it’s shorts and flipflops season. London is notorious for a fine misty drizzle that can happen at any time of the year! Read on for our London weather in March overview!

Typical weather in London in March

Although spring has sprung, don’t expect the daily temperatures to “spring” up too much. In February, we see temperatures of around 8 degrees c. By March, it has crept up to around 10 degrees celsius. That is comfortable enough for walking around, but don’t shrug off your winter coat just yet.

Weather in London in March 2024 and beyond

Judging by previous years, we can expect March to be a light improvement on February’s weather. Rainfall on average of 9 days over the month, and temperatures creeping up to 12 degrees celsius towards the end of the month.

The best thing about London in March is Daylight Savings! You start the month with sunset at just before 6pm. After the clocks change, sunset doesn't happen until around 7.30pm. Summer is a-calling!

Weather changes from early March to end of March

If we could recommend a time in March, the end of March will be by far the most comfortable in terms of weather. The extra few hours daylight too makes all the difference for exploring.

The bad thing about March is that whilst the temperature gets slightly higher towards the end, the rainfall does not. 1.2 inches of rain is expected across the month. Always bring a “brolly” (local for umbrella) just to be safe!

What to wear in London in March

What to wear in London in March

You will still need to bring your wintry wardrobe when visiting London in March. Focus also on items of clothing that are easy to layer up or down. You might get a great spring day. Or a really cold one. Make sure you are kitted out so you can remove or add layers when necessary.

Things to pack for London in March

  • Winter coat
  • Portable umbrella
  • Rainproof cover – a poncho or a pocket waterproof coat
  • Good walking shoes
  • Hat and gloves, especially for later in the evening
  • Moneybelt to keep your cash safe
  • If you are planning to go to a fancy restaurant or even clubbing in London, bring your gladrags

The Best Things to Do in London

Tate Modern Gallery entrance

Here is our list of the coolest things to do in London in March. These are mainly indoor activities, because let’s face it, you will probably get rained on at some point.

Best Plays

The home of Shakespeare welcomes you to enjoy some really good plays. The National Theatre offers a decent selection. Check out the list of what is on here.

Best Concerts

The Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena are just 2 of London’s great concert venues. Check out both for traditional concerts by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, or see what rockstars are hitting the O2 or Wembley Arenas.

Comedy Shows and Live Shows

London has a great comedy scene. London Theatre features a list of not only cool comedy gigs but other types of entertainment too.


The musical industry is big business in London. You can plan in advance and pick some of the long standing shows – such as The Lion King or Wicked. Or, you can go on a whim to Leicester Square and hit up the box office to see what is showing right now. Get an extensive list of what is showing here.


The Excel Arena is one of the largest exhibition spaces. From car shows, home building expos and industry specific events, there is usually something on.

Soccer Matches

If you are a fan of football, then try your best to see a real match. You have a number of famous teams here, from Arsenal to Chelsea as well as West Ham United. A derby – where 2 local teams play each other – is a great way to experience the vibe. Check out what’s on here.

Cool & Romantic facts about sunrise and sunset in London in March

London March sunrise and sunset

March offers longer days, and towards the end of the month you have daylight until around 7.30 pm. It’s a great time to try and catch a sunrise or sunset. That is of course, if you are lucky enough to get a clear day.

Here are a few hotspots from which you can catch the view:

  • The London Eye. Especially spectacular in the evening. If you are planning a romantic event, why not reserve a capsule to yourself, complete with champagne!
  • The Tate Modern Gallery – a hidden gem of sunset lovers – has a viewing gallery that isn’t that well known. Head up there for amazing all round views over the city
  • Primrose Hill is a favourite amongst locals for picnics and walks. Sunrise and Sunset too can be enjoyed here. Even on a cloudy day you will see amazing views and locals enjoying the fresh air.

Day trips from London – excursions in the greater London area

You need 5 day in London as a first time visitor. If you are staying longer, or if you have been before, you could plan a day trip. Here’s a few of the great sights near London that visitors often miss.

The town of Bath

Take a train from Paddington Station, and you will be in the Thermal Spa town of Bath within 1.5 hours.


This quirky each town is the place to head for traditional British seaside entertainment. Don’t forget to have fish and chips for lunch. It is around an hour from London Victoria or Blackfriars stations.

Stratford Upon Avon

The home of Shakespeare is a Tudor dream. Just over 2 hours from London you will be right in the heart of it!

Cheap flight to London in March

The lowest prices in the year for London are usually in January and February. In March they begin to creep up. Still, you can probably find return flights from mainland Europe for example for about €70. Get onto flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner over a month in advance to get the best deals.

Best and Affordable hotels and Places to Stay in London in March

Mornington hotel hall

There is a wide range of accommodation in London to suit every budget and taste. But where you stay can really eat into your finances if you don’t plan or book in advance. Check out some of our tips for where to stay in London below.

Best for Budget Travellers

For those real tight budgets, why not try one of the many decent hostels in central London. For cheap, central digs, try the Walrus Hostel. With a simple, free breakfast and a traditional decor, this place is more like staying in a welcoming, local pub. Rooms in a dorm are just €25 a night.

If you want to be right in the action, why not consider SoHostel. Located right off Oxford Street this cool themed hostel has a bar and even offers free walking tours! This would be a great choice for a first time visitor to London.

Simple Hotels

Hostels not your thing? Check into a range of simple chain hotels. They offer comfort level service with no frills in central locations. Try the Best Western chain – the Mornington in Hyde Park gets 4* on with rooms starting at just €60. At a similar price range, the Holiday Inn in Kensington High Street is another solid choice. There is also a really decent pool here too!

Luxury Hotels

If you have some cash to splurge or are celebrating a special occasion, then check out London’s long list of extravagant hotels. From the stunning apartment suites at Buckingham and Lloyds to the Sofitel St James, you can expect room prices to start at around €250 a night for the cheapest suites.

Airbnb in London Covent Garden hotel

This is a great option for those who love to be together. Whether it is a family reunion or a bunch of friends catching up, communal spaces and private areas are key. Check out this cool place in Covent Garden for €300 per night.

London’s food scene in March

We could devote pages and pages to London’s fabulous food scene. It combines traditional British food with a wide range of imports from the United Kingdom’s diverse cultural landscape. You want a good curry, fish and chips, Asian or Caribbean – it’s all there.

  • Try Borough Market for the best local and international fayre in London
  • Chinatown is a great place for authentic Chinese food in London
  • Brick Lane offers for sure the best curries.
  • New Covent Garden Market offers really fresh local products. In March, you’ll find Kale and Rhubarb but also a lot of great fruit and veg from the cold store.
  • Michelin Star Restaurants. There are 66 restaurants boasting at least one Michelin Star in London! The list is updated yearly and 2024’s list is out! Check out the full scope of these fabulous restaurants in Timeout’s Guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions faq

How Bad is London Weather in March?

Let’s be fair, the weather in London is more often bad than not. Be prepared for the usual gray drizzle, temperatures under 10 degrees celsius and clouds. But don’t let that spoil your fun!

What is the weather in London in late March?

Towards the end of the month you see temperatures creep up more towards 12 degrees celsius. The best thing about the end of March is that the days are much longer. The change in the clocks towards the end of the month means you have a whole extra hour of daylight for exploring!

What shows are on in London in March?

There is a mix of permanent and temporary shows. In March, you’ll always be able to catch the old favourites such as the Lion King and Wicked.

How cold is London in March?

It’s not shorts and t-shirt weather for sure. However, it will be pleasant enough to walk the streets and visit the parks with a decent jacket. Temperatures start the month at 10 degrees celsius and end at around 12.


We are pleased you are considering March as the month in which you visit London. Once you’ve picked when to visit, head on over to some of our other resources.

In particular, if you are trying to stick to a budget we’ve got all you need. Check out our guide to the various London City Passes available to see what you can afford to visit.

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