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London in November: Weather, Events & Packing Tips

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Just what can you expect from London in November? Well, probably some rain. Maybe a lot. It is practically guaranteed to rain for over half the month.

That’s right, this is the wettest month of the year in London. The upside is that it is pretty mild throughout the month. We’ll go through the weather in specifics in just a little bit – but one thing is true – you don’t go to London in November to get a tan!

As for what else to expect – You’ll find the city a little less busy than in the peak months, a bit more availability in the hotels, and slightly shorter queues at the main attractions.

Let’s explore further!

Is It Good To Visit London In November?

London Eye experience

London is a city that can be explored at any time of year. So don't worry if the London weather in November will spoil your trip.

There is a wide abundance of indoor attractions – from the vast selection of West End shows and musicals, to fantastic restaurants. And that’s before we mention the huge choice of museums, art galleries and other things to do in London.

So, is November a good time to visit London? YES!

What Is The Weather In London In November Like?

London November rainy day

You should come to London in November expecting rain.

Whilst it will be relatively mild – the month starts at about 13 degrees celsius (55 degrees fahrenheit) and ends at 9 degrees celsius (48 degrees fahrenheit – it will be wet.

Rain will fall at least for 14 days of the month – sometimes more. The only upside (or downside depending on what you prefer) is that it is rarely a harsh downpour.

It is more likely to just drizzle all day long. This can be fairly gloomy if you are not used to it. But take advantage – cozy cafes, lazy lunches and all of those indoor attractions mean you won’t miss the sun at all.

Here’s a quickfire summary of the average weather in London in November:

  • The average temperature in London UK in November: 11 degrees celsius over the course of the month
  • Weather in London Mid November: Wet, temperatures of around 13 degrees celsius
  • Weather in London Late November: The temperatures start to drop to around 9 degrees celsius
  • Weather in London during November: Wet, mild, drizzly and gray

What to Pack for London in November?


If you’re hitting the cobbled streets of some of the older parts of London or shopping on Oxford street, you’ll need good and sturdy walking shoes.

This is especially true if it is raining – you don’t want to slip – and also if you are walking for long periods. Running around in the metro system for example and walking between stations can be long, and the museums are huge. Make sure you have comfortable shoes.

London weather in November guide


A raincoat – one that is suitable for the slightly lower temperatures that November will bring.

So, one of those fold up rain coats probably won't do – unless you are packing some warm jumpers for underneath.


Pack clothes that you can easily layer – if it is cold outside – or if you are outdoors at night time – you will want to be able to layer up.

As soon as you enter a restaurant, bar or cinema you will quickly heat up, and you will want to be able to remove some clothes.


A little umbrella is a great addition to your suitcase.

How to Dress for London in November

The guide above will give you some ideas – sturdy and waterproof shoes, layerable clothes, waterproof jackets – will keep you comfortable and dry during your visit.

Things to Do in London in November

What to do in London in November

Let’s check out the attractions that are available!

Christmas Markets in London November

There are quite a few Christmas markets that pop up in London.

They usually start from mid-November onwards. The Southbank Centre however usually holds one that starts towards the beginning of November, and offers Christmas treats, a Scandinavian vibe and little festive performances.

Christmas By The River at London Bridge City is another great place to head from mid-November onwards. With dozens of little wooden stalls selling arts, crafts and Christmassy treats, it is sure to get you in the mood.

And as you head around the city towards the end of the month, you will for sure see other impromptu Christmas themed shops and stalls – particularly around the Leicester square area.

Concerts In London November

As autumn gives way to winter in London you can expect to see a bunch of winter-themed concerts. You can check out the lineup for the month of November – already published for this year – right here.

Music Events in London November

November opens up for a great range of events specific to this time of year.

Make sure to check out the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park – available from the middle of the month onwards. The London Jazz Festival happens usually around mid-month as well.

Check out the specific dates on offer for this year here. The switch on of the Christmas Light in Kew Gardens is usually a big family event, and right at the end of the month (30th November) Scottish lovers can partake in St Andrews Day celebrations in certain locations in the city.

Visit the Shard

Exhibitions On In London November

Exhibitions in London in November vary from year to year. To get a list of what is on this year, check out the Excel Centre’s lineup.

London Theater Shows in November

What else is there to do on a wet November in London?

Check out a theater show! There is an extensive list of what is coming up in each month of the year available online at London Theater Tickets.

Ballet in London in November

The same website – London Theater Tickets – also features all of the ballet shows that are on lineup in November as soon as they are released.

Musicals in London In November

Musicals are a big thing in London!

Head to the Leicester Square area and visit the box office to see what is on. If you want to plan in advance, visit one of the online ticketing websites – such as Musicals in London.

The Lion King, Wicked and Mary Poppins are some of the most popular London musicals. This will help you work out what shows are on in London in November.

Christmas Events in London in November

Towards the end of November the real Christmas events get underway.

Christmas Lights switch ons and ice skating rinks pop up as the month progresses. Head to the Natural History Museum ice rink if you are looking for a winter vibe even at the beginning of November – it actually opens in October!

Things to Do In London with Kids in November

Visit London in November with kids

Don’t forget to keep the kiddies entertained when you are visiting this amazing city. Especially on a wet day you will want some indoor things to do with children in London.

Here are some of our favorites.


A hands on, interactive museum that the whole family can enjoy. Kidzania offers children from 4-14 years the chance to dress up, try out gadgets and let off some steam.

Visit A Football Stadium

Football fans – young and old – will love a big tour of their favorite London football team's stadium. Check out this one of Chelsea right here.

 Madame Tussauds Tickets – London

An absolute must-see for families. Check out your favorite celebrities – and get a picture with the Queen of England – at this much loved attraction.

What to See in London in November

The British Museum

Aside from the seasonal and Christmas things to do in London, don’t forget that all of the fabulous normal things to do in London – the London Eye, The Shard, the fabulous museums and galleries and the markets – are all also open .

london pass tipTips – We recommend building a couple of outdoor activities into your itinerary, but make sure you build in a bunch of great indoor things to do in London as well in case of bad weather.

Special Events in London in November

There are also a couple of “non Christmassy” events.

The Lord Mayors Show is one, and at the beginning of November the winter season is kicked off with Guy Fawkes Night and some spectacular fireworks displays. Remembrance Sunday happens in the middle of the month as well.

Top 3 Free Things to Do in London in November

We have mentioned some of them in this guide, but they are so good they need to go in twice – The Lord Mayor’s Show is a huge procession of floats and bands – and is great for the kids (and free)!

The Guy Fawkes fireworks are another great attraction. And finally – the museums! Some of London’s best museums are free! This includes the Natural History Museum and the Tate Modern.

What Time Is Sunset in London in November – 3 Most Romantic Places

Romantic Primrose Hill

Sunset starts off the month at just after 6pm, and towards the end of the month will be closer to 5pm, if not earlier.

Some of the locals favorite spots for watching the sun go down include Primrose Hill, The London Eye and even up the Shard are three of the most romantic places.

Of course you will however need to be lucky enough to get a good day of weather to fully enjoy the experience.

Flights & Train Tickets to London in November

Looking for cheap flights in November from London?

In November, you will find the flights to be slightly cheaper than many other months of the year. If you use a website like to compare and book in advance, you will get some great deals on low-cost airlines.

The good thing about London – for both flights and trains – is that you have a lot of choice in terms of airports, train stations and providers.

london pass tipTips – Don’t discount the possibility of flying into one airport – such as Stansted – and out of another – like Gatwick – and on different airlines if it gives you the best deal.

Best Day Trips from London in November

A day trip from London is possible – there are plenty of attractions around.

One of the easiest ways to see some of the sights would be to look at an English Heritage pass. This includes access to some of the more off the beaten track sights a bit further out of London and across England.

Check it out right here. You could also consider bolting on a city break from London to Cardiff, Edinburgh or Manchester too!

3 Best London Hotels to Book for November

Park Plaza London Hotel from

Pick a hotel with easy access to a metro station – in case of really bad weather.

The good things about cheap hotels in London in November is that there is better availability, lower pricing and less people!

We also recommend trying to get a hotel with a pool, spa or sauna. That will give you welcome relief from any bad weather that may roll in.

The NYX Hotel London in Holborn Offers just that, as well as a great breakfast, and rooms for under £200 per night.

The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge is another one of our favorites – mainly for the location, but also because it has a great pool and a nice lounge. Rooms from £170 per night including breakfast.

And finally, there is another Park Plaza in Waterloo that offers the same facilities but at a slightly lower rate of around £130 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions faq

Will it snow in London in November?

It is not impossible, but not very likely. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing and are usually in double digits (celsius).

Is it a good time to visit London in November?

We think so, yes! It is less busy, and there are plenty of indoor attractions on offer to keep you busy if it rains.

How cold does it get in London in November?

It usually dips to around 9 degrees celsius in London towards the end of November.

What time is the sunrise in London in November?

During the month of November, sunrise is between 7am and 8am.


Don’t let the London weather in November put you off traveling to London!

Plan an itinerary that takes in the best of the London indoor attractions with the help of our handy guides, and you will be sure to enjoy.

Now, it is time to consider if you need to maximize your budget and plan in depth with a London City Pass.

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