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London in October Weather: Good Time for a Visit or Not?

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Taking a visit to London in October is highly recommended!

After all, the average weather in London England in October can never be guaranteed, so don’t be put off because it’s the fall season.

Instead, go and enjoy the fact that the crowds will be significantly reduced at the major attractions.

You’ll have more space to explore the city, and can organise a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions in case the London weather in October turns bad.

Should You Visit? London In October Weather?

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The month starts off nice – with temperatures around 18 degrees celsius (around mid 60s in Fahrenheit). That’s pleasant enough in the sun.

Towards the end of the month you will really notice a drop in temperature – the average weather in London in late October will see temps drop down to around 13 degrees (mid 50s Fahrenheit), so bring your coat!

Nighttime temperatures will usually be below 10 degrees celsius (mid-40s). Most of the month – more than 50% – will be cloudy. However, on the other half, you will likely see a bit of sun – at least partially.

But do expect rain. It will fall on at least 50% of days of the month.

london pass tipTip – Umbrellas, raincoats, and non-slip shoes will make sure your trip remains comfortable throughout.

Tips for visiting London in October

What's The Weather Like In London In October?

What Is the Temperature in London in October

Temperatures dip gradually throughout the month, starting off at the late September range around 20 degrees and finishing closer to 10-12 degrees celsius.

What Is the Typical Weather in London in Late October?

In late October the temperatures drop to around 13 degrees celsius. Rain falls around a week in this part of the month.

What Is the Weather like in London in Early October?

With pleasant temperatures likely to be at least 18 degrees celsius, October starts off nice in London.

How cold is London in October?

Nighttime temperatures towards the end of October will be the coldest part – dropping to around 7 degrees celsius.

What to Wear in London in October

What to wear in London in October

Now you understand the weather conditions, let’s look at what to wear in London in October:

  • Layers: There is nothing worse than being in a museum or cafe where it is boiling hot and you can’t remove your thick jumper! Layers are key here. You’ll need enough to be toasty warm outside, but comfortable inside.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: The sights to be explored in London take up a lot of space! Even walking within some of the underground stations can take forever. Wear comfortable shoes! Ladies – stick your heels in your bag for nights out.
  • Winter Woolies: Wear a coat, hat and gloves when out and about towards the end of October to stay warm!
  • Boots & coats: The fashions change along with the leaves. Gone are floaty summer dresses and tshirts. Instead, cool winter boots and coats are all the rage.

Things to Do in London UK in October

The summer vibe is gone and it’s time to enjoy autumn in London! Here is a selection of our favourite things to do in London in the fall.

Autumn Walks

This is a popular pastime amongst locals as the leaves change from green to red, brown and orange.

Hyde Park, Hampton Court Palace and Hamstead Heath are all great spots. Check out this great guide from UK newspaper The Telegraph for the full lowdown.

Concerts, Musicals & Plays

Check out a concert or music event. London is THE place to catch a concert, opera or live gig. Check out the October lineup here.

Take in a musical or play. What would you be doing in London if you DIDN’T hit the West End.

Go see the Lion King, Wicked and many more favorite west end musicals in London. See what you can see here.

Book Back up Rainy Day Attractions

Expect rain in London in October

We can give you all the information you need about visiting London in October -but we can’t control the weather! Perhaps you can book one of the many London City Passes available.

This ensures you will have a couple of rainy day activities lined up – such as museums or indoor attractions – in case the weather is bad.

Halloween in London

Many of the major attractions will put on spooky Halloween events during the half term holidays. Perhaps you can join in the vibe by taking part in a London Ghost Tour like this one here.

Free Things to Do in London in October

London has so many free things to do, that you won’t need to break your budget. Pair a few of your must see pay for sights with a bunch of the free ones for the perfect trip.

While the temperatures allow, head for the outdoor markets – Borough Market is an easy access favourite – or visit the Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum or the Royal Airforce Museum.

Fun Things For Kids to Do in London

London in October with kids

Bringing the little ones with you?

Then you’ll need to throw in a few activities for them to keep them entertained. Make sure you build in space in your itinerary with a kid-friendly afternoon now and again.

Here are some of our favourite things to do with children in London.

  • Visit The View From The Shard: Older kids (8+) will appreciate the view from the Shard. Take them up and let them take a few pictures, identifying the main landmarks. It’s a great experience. Tickets start from about £40 and are available here, although there are midweek saver deals also available starting from £25.
  • Kidzania London: A great interactive play zone for kids aged 4-14. This is a great rainy day activity to keep in your pocket. It’s great for families with kids at different stages. Get KidZania tickets here.
  • Free Things To Do in London with Kids: London can be expensive, and the attractions listed above will make a dent in the wallet. If you have younger kids especially, it might be worth making use of some free activities instead. The Changing of the Guard, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum are some great examples.

What Time Does the Sunset in London in October?

Best London October sunset location

Sunset starts off the month at about 6.40 pm, extending closer to 5.40 pm towards the end of the month.

Then, the clocks go back one hour on the 31st, so it will get dark much earlier – around 4.40 pm.

If you are out and about around this time there are a couple of great places to check out – especially if you are on a romantic break:

  • London By Night: This is a bus tour that takes you around the best lit up sights in London in the evening and as it gets dark. The tour lasts around 1.5 hours and includes a guide (multi language options available). Tickets start at £28.
  • Royal Observatory: What better way to get in the nighttime move by checking out the Royal Observatory. Apart from learning about stargazing you can also stand on the marker of Greenwich Mean Time!
  • Sunset View Points: You can pay to visit the London Eye or The Shard just in time for sunset. Or visit one of the free viewpoints in London such as Primrose Hill or Millennium Bridge.

Book Cheap Flights to London in October

Flight prices to London in October can get pricey towards the end of the month- especially during the school Halloween holidays.

To get the best price we recommend you book around 3 months in advance. In addition, use a comparison site like

It lets you play around with flight times and destinations. So – be flexible. Because London has such good transport links you really should not think twice about flying into London Stansted and out of London Luton for example.

Where to Spend the Night? Our 4 Top Picks To Stay in London

Let’s check out three great central London hotels in which to stay in London in October.

We’ve personally stayed in these three hotels in London – and enjoyed every one. Why would you need a tripadvisor review when you’ve got us!

Hilton London Bankside

Hilton London Bankside hotel from

This is a very stylish Hilton located right in the heart of central London.

We actually booked this one for the gorgeous pool. This one is great for families who need to give the kids something to do on the property. The Shard is about 10 minutes walk away. Enjoy a cool double room from only £230.

Sea Containers London

With stunning views over the Thames, a room in the Sea Containers hotel is coupled with boutique amenities, an excellent bar and fabulous breakfast.

The standard rooms aren’t huge, but the common spaces more than make up for it. Upgrade to a suite or balcony room if you can – they are fabulous. You can get a standard double for around £250.

Park Plaza Westminster

Centrally located right off Westminster Bridge, the Park Plaza offers access to an executive lounge, great rooms and a fabulous swimming pool!

Rooms start at a basic £230 – they’re more if you want access to the lounge – and are spacious. Our favourite thing here was the pool – a perfect place to dip your toes after a long day.

Best Budget Traveller Hotel Option in London

If you’d rather spend your cash on sightseeing and food don’t worry.

Whilst London can be an expensive place, there are plenty of budget traveller options around. The EasyHotels chain offer rooms in their hotels in Paddington and Shoreditch for just £65.

Frequently Asked Questions about London in October (Includes FAQs about London Weather in October) faq

Does it rain in London in October?

Unfortunately, yes. But, it rains in London every month! Expect rainfall on at least 50% of the days you visit. If you get lucky then you’ve won!

What season is it in London in October?

It’s fall season in London in October. Autumn vibes have made it on to the streets in both fashion and scenery. Make sure you head to a park if you get the chance to see the leaves changing.

Does it snow in London in October?

It is not likely to snow in London in October. The temperature will likely be around 16 degrees celsius on average.

How busy is London in October?

It is true that London is less busy in October than in the summer but be careful - you still need to plan. Watch out for the UK “half term holidays” - especially since Coronavirus. Previously, many British families would have taken a final week away in the sun to southern Europe before winter sets in. Now, staying closer to home is more popular.

Are there a lot of tourists in London in October?

London will still have lots of tourists in October. Expect the main sights and places such as Chinatown to be crowded.


London weather in October is warm enough to walk around. It’s a great time of year to visit, especially if you can avoid the school holidays.

Let us know which sights you enjoyed the most during your visit. To plan in more detail, we’d recommend you look into a city pass that can cover things like transport and major attractions.

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