Harry Potter sights in London to visit

Harry Potter Sights In London You Don’t Want to Miss + Guided Tours

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Harry Potter sights in London aren't just limited to the world-famous Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios tour.

There is so much more to see. If you are a dedicated fan of the books or film series, then you MUST check out these places across London that you will easily recognize.

Here, we give you all you need to know about where to go, what to see, and what to do.

What Harry Potter Things Can You See In London?

Harry Potter things to see in London

Of course, the Harry Potter Studios is your main place to start.

Located just outside London in Watford, the studio tour includes film sets, artifacts, costumes, and even the famous Butterbeer! But London city is itself sprinkled with little nods to this children’s classic.

We’ll tell you where to find the famous Platform 9 ¾, themed shops, and key scenes from the movie that die hard fans will instantly recognize.

Let’s get stuck right in.

How Much Time Do I Need to See All the Harry Potter Places in London?

You need one day to dedicate to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It takes 4 hours to do the whole thing, plus you need to allow a couple of hours to get there and check in.

Then, either plan another day where you can do all the Harry Potter sights in London, or work your itinerary to bake them in as you go about your London trip.

The One Tour You Must Take

Let’s talk about the Harry Potter Studios tour first.

There are so many on offer, depending on your preference. In fact, we have a complete guide to help you choose which tour right here. This is one of the best Harry Potter sights in London! To give you an idea of what to expect on the tour, take a look at this tour here which includes a full breakdown.

Tickets start at €86 and include transport from London Victoria. This is the ultimate starting point for any fan and will give you an idea of which Harry Potter London sites you may wish to see afterward.

london pass tipTip – Book your tour today and ensure to check out our full guide on ticketing to get the right one for you. Then, you will be free to explore the other Harry Potter places in London.

Harry Potter Sights in London Where You Can Shop

Official Harry Potter online shop

There are four must-see shops in London that offer unique Harry Potter memorabilia and experiences.

Let’s check them out – they must be included in your Harry Potter things to do in London itinerary. These shops usually appear on free Harry Potter walking tour London itineraries that you can find online.

The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ – the Official Harry Potter Shop

Located at Kings Cross Station, this memorabilia shop is the perfect place to stop at after you check out the famous platform.

Open daily from 8 am to 8 pm (from 9 am on Sunday and bank holidays), visitors can purchase t-shirts, clothing, books, wands, and a whole lot more! There is also a beautiful stationary section with items that would make for an ideal gift.

The House of MinaLima

This graphic and art store is dedicated to all things Harry Potter!

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm, you can pick up prints, books, maps, posters, and other memorabilia. You can find the House Of MinaLima in the heart of Soho, so it is incredibly central.

  • Full address – 157 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 8WQ, UK

House of Spells

The London branch of House of Spells (there is another one in Stratford-upon-Avon) is a shop that offers not just a bunch of amazing Harry Potter themed souvenirs, but also a fantastic atmosphere.

It is also open from 10 am to 10 pm daily, so there is plenty of time to get there to check it out.

  • Full address – 69-71 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE

Harry Potter Experiences London – Harry Potter Sights in London Where You Can Stay/Sleep

hotel rooms

Do you want to give your family a unique Harry Potter experience when in London?

Then you MUST stay at the Georgian House Hotel. This beautiful award winning hotel may look traditional from the outside, but there are 5 secret wizard themed rooms hidden behind the bedroom doors! Availability is extremely limited – we had to search out 6 months in advance to find availability on the Family Wizard Rooms. Prices for a family of 4 start at around €470. On top of that you can also book a Wizard Themed Afternoon Tea here!

If you are a bit more flexible and have access to your own vehicle or don’t mind traveling independently to the Harry Potter Studios just outside London, then consider this cool Harry Potter Themed apartment which offers kids birthday party decorations for your little ones!

Harry Potter Sights to See in London – Harry Potter Filming Locations London

Harry Potter filming locations in London listed

Now for the true fans. We have an amazing selection of film locations to check out here.

These are fantastic free Harry Potter sights in London. From the Harry Potter House London to Harry Potter sightseeing London secret destinations you might not know about, we have it all here in a list of nearly 30 locations!

Die hard fans get ready!

Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross

Platform 9 3/4 King's Cross Harry Potter sights in London

We’ve mentioned already that one of the official Harry Potter shops in London is located at King’s Cross station.

But here you can also join the queue to get your picture taken at the famous Platform 9 ¾. This is where students bound for Hogwarts board the train.

Expect long queues here – sometimes up to 30 minutes long – to get a picture of yourself pushing the luggage trolley through the wall. Official photographers are on standby to take your picture, complete with props and the famous flying scarf.

Official photos cost around £20.

london pass tipTip – 2 million people visit this attraction every year. It is best to go first thing in the morning – around 8 am – to avoid queuing.

If you are on your own you will need to ask someone in the queue to take your picture if you do not want to purchase the official photograph. The official photographers are not allowed to assist with that.

  • Location – Kings Cross Station, London

Reptile House, London Zoo

The reptile house at London Zoo is the location for the scene where Harry Potter first speaks to a snake.

You can take a full day here if you are interested in exploring the rest of the zoo too, but it is not recommended to go there just to see the location of this one scene. You can get tickets for London Zoo here.

  • Location – Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY

Leadenhall Market (Diagon Alley filming location)

Leadenhall market in London

The location of the filming of the scene where Harry first gets a glimpse into the world of all things Wizard!!

The beautiful covered market is not just an attraction for Harry Potter fans but also for those who want to check out the shops, restaurants and even take part in spooky ghost tours around Halloween.

You can also see here the actual entrance door to the Leaky Cauldron – it is currently blue and home to an opticians called Glass House.

  • Location – Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT

Borough Market

Featured in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie as the entrance at the Leaky Cauldron, this is a popular tourist destination in its own right, with food stores galore where you can try a range of local and international treats.

  • Location – 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

Goodwins Court (Knockturn Alley)

Goodwins court is believed to be the location for filming the spooky Knockturn Alley scenes. Located in Covent Garden it is an instagram worthy little alley way.

  • Location – Goodwin’s Court, London, WC2N 4LL

Piccadilly Circus Harry Potter

Piccadilly circus Harry Potter sights in London

Another instantly recognizable London attraction is Piccadilly Circus.

The area around this bright light hub is the location for the scene where Harry and his chums run from the Death Eaters. Scenes are filmed on Shaftesbury avenue looking back to the big screens of Piccadilly Circus.

  • Location – Piccadilly Circus WC1

Old Scotland Yard – Ministry of Magic

The Ministry Of Magic facade is taken from shots of Scotland Yard.

Look out for this grand old building when watching the scenes with the Polyjuice Potion. You can also see the entrance to the place where the staff live on Horse Guards Avenue in the city.

  • Location – 4 Whitehall Place, St James's, City of Westminster

Australia House (Gringotts Wizarding Bank)

Australia House is the location for the bank of the wizards (Gringotts Bank). The actual scenes were filmed in the interior.

As this is an official government building you cannot go inside, but you can check out this Grade II listed building's exterior.

  • Location – Australia House, Strand, London WC2B 4LA

Millenium Bridge Harry Potter Bridge London

Millenium bridge Harry Potter sights in London

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince you can see the Millennium Bridge warped into a messed up twisted version. Make sure you take a walk along there.

  • Location – Thames Embankment, London SE1

Grimmauld Place – Lincoln’s Inn Fields

This is a pretty unassuming typical London house that you can find in the Holborn area.12 Grimmauld Place. In the movie, it is the HQ for the Order of the Phoenix and the home of the Black family.

  • Location – 23-29 Claremont Square, Islington, London N1 9LX

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Not really a scene in the movie as such, but a play! If you want to see what happens to Harry Potter's kids once they have finished at Hogwarts then pop over to the Palace Theater to watch the show!

  • Location – Shaftesbury Avenue WC1, London

Cauldron Pub Harry Potter London

Cauldron pub London

Another place to visit on your tour is the Cauldron Bar. It is not a location in the movie, rather a bar inspired by it. Drink themed cocktails that take their inspiration from the movies and watch some interesting drinks being made here.

  • Location – 5d Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BH.

Charing Cross Road

The road scenes leading to the Leaky Cauldron are filmed on Charing Cross Road.

It is believed that the author of the books, J K Rowling, took a lot of her inspiration from around these streets. There are a few bars on this road that you may want to pop into and have a pint in!

  • Location – Charing Cross Road, WC2H London

Westminster Tube Station

Westminster Tube station Harry Potter sights in London

You can catch a glimpse of this famous tube station in the Chamber of the Phoenix movie. In reality, it's a bustling travel hub in central London. Jump off the train and get a picture of yourself with the trademark TFL Tube Station sign.

  • Location – Londres SW1A 2JR

10 Downing Street

Any tourist worth their salt will try to get a glimpse of 10 Downing Street whether they are a Harry Potter Fan or not. , In the movie Half-Blood Prince it is also home to the PM.

  • Location – 10 Downing St, London SW1A 2AA

Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth bridge Harry Potter sights in London

The scene in Prisoner of Azkaban where the Knight Bus is dangerously driving along incoming traffic is filmed on Lambeth Bridge in London. You can catch it in the scene where Harry is on his way to the Leaky Cauldron.

St Pancras International

In the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you can see St Pancras International in the background as Harry and Ron look for the Hogwarts Express in a flying car.

  • Location – Euston Rd, London N1C 4QP

Trafalgar Square Harry Potter

Trafalgar square in London

Another one to tick off your list that is NOT a movie scene location is Trafalgar Square. This was the place where many of the stars addressed the crowds at the launch of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 movie.

  • Location – Trafalgar Sq, London WC2N 5DN

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The winding staircase that can be seen in some of the Prisoner of Azkaban scenes is actually filmed inside of St Paul’s Cathedral.

This is a popular tourist destination in London in its own right. It features in many many movies, including Paddington, Mary Popins and Mission Impossible.

  • Location – St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD

A Harry Potter Tour For Muggles (Muggle Tour London)

You can see all of the sights above yourself, but if you fancy something a bit more organized, then take a look at one of London’s top-rated walking tours.

The Tour for Muggles starts at £15 for kids and £17 for adults and can be booked online here.

Harry Potter Activities London Guided Tours To Book

Harry Potter activities London guide

If a Harry Potter sights in London tour is indeed more your thing then never fear!

We have selected some of the best around to help you decide which one to pick. They will generally cover some of the most popular Harry Potter places to visit in London.

Let’s check out a few Harry Potter London Locations tours together.

2.5-Hour Harry Potter Film Locations Guided Tour

Looking to see top Harry Potter Spots London?

This Harry Potter Tour is a 2.5hr guided tour costs just €31 and will take you through many of the attractions mentioned in this guide. You get an audio earpiece which allows you to hear the guide even if you wander off slightly.

3-Hour Harry Potter Filming Locations Tour in a Black Cab

A Harry Potter tourist attractions London tour with a difference – tour the sights in an iconic black cab!

For €255 up to 5 people can enjoy the services of a knowledgeable local guide in style. Book online in advance. Look out for Harry Potter street London locations and more including memorabilia shops and themed bars.

Tickets for Oxford Harry Potter Film Locations Walking Tour

Oxford Harry Potter filming location

Harry Potter things in London aren’t the extent of what you can see.

You can also get out of the city to Oxford, which was also used for several scenes. Tours last 1.5 hours and are guided by Oxford University students. Prices start from €74.

Harry Potter Escape Room

You have just 60 minutes to work out how to get out of this escape room. Tasks are witchcraft and wizardry related. Book online in advance to ensure a place via the website.

Studio and (outside of London) Oxford day trip

Alternatively, you can navigate the Harry Potter locations in London by foot yourself and then wrap up your stay with a trip to the Harry Potter Studios in Watford.

This tour also allows a short stop in Oxford to see some of the sights there. Tickets start at €135.

Harry Potter Studios & Private Transfer from Central London

Fancy a private transfer to the Harry Potter Studios instead of one of the coaches. Your wish is our command. This tour offers a visit tailored to smaller groups with prices starting at €175.

Warner Bros Studio: Fully-Guided Making of Harry Potter Tour

The majority of tours to the studios involve a 15-minute introduction, following which you can check out the sets yourself.

If you want more, a fully certified guide can accompany you on the whole 4-hour tour. Tickets start at €215 per person.

Did You Know Filming Locations Outside London

London is not the only place that was used for filming locations for Harry Potter. We already mentioned Oxford.

Let's check out more detail.

Hogwarts in Oxford

Hogwarts Oxford

The Divinity School at Oxford is home to the scenes in the Hogwarts Infirmary where Harry recovers and receives a visit from Dumbledore!

The hall reappears again in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where you can see the students practicing for the Triwizard tournaments.


There are no filming locations for Harry Potter in Edinburgh, but you can visit several spots in the city where the novel came to life.

These include Spoon Cafe at 6a Nicolson Street, where JK Rowling often worked on her novel (when it was known as Nicolson's Cafe). Nearby Greyfriars Kirkyard is a graveyard where JK Rowling is said to have conjured up some of her character names.

Scotland Filming Locations

Harry Potter train Scotland

Edinburgh is home to JK Rowling, so it is no surprise if she tooks some inspiration from Scotland. Loch Etive has been used for the backdrop in the film as the Hogwarts Express makes its way through the land.

Hagrid's Hut in the Clachaig Gully is seen in the prisoner of Azkaban. Steall Falls in Glen Nevis is the location for many a quidditch match throughout several of the movies.


This gorgeous chocolate box village located in Wiltshire is home to several locations too.

The majority are contained within the stunning Lacock Abbey. The potions classroom as well as the place where Harry finds an enchanted mirror are both located here.

Alnwick Castle

Scenes, where Harry learns to fly on a broomstick or learns to play Quidditch, were filmed in the beautiful Alnwick Castle and grounds. Find out more on the castle website.


A picturesque village, Lavenham served as the backdrop for Godric's Hollow scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Harry Potter London Locations Map

Getting ready for your trip to London to see the Harry Potter sights in London?

Then check out this amazing Harry Potter attractions London map which shows all the locations mentioned today. Try to group your visits in the same area to save yourself time!

Harry Potter attractions locations in London are spread throughout the city, so it is best to plan in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harry Potter Sights in London

londonpass.info faq

Where was Harry Potter filmed in London?

Film sets were at the Harry Potter Warner Bros studios in Watford, just outside London. Outside scenes were filmed at a range of locations in the city of London, as well as in Scotland, Oxford and other locations throughout the UK.

Where was Diagon Alley filmed?

Scenes for Diagon Alley were filmed at Leadenhall Market.

Where was the Deathly Hallows filmed?

Multiple locations supported filming for Deathly Hallows. The village of Lavenham for example.

Was Harry Potter filmed in Cambridge?

Not, but Oxford University was used as a location on several occasion.

Is the Leaky Cauldron a real place?

The Leaky Cauldron is not a real place but you can see where the exterior was filmed by heading to Leadenhall Market.


There is more than enough for Harry Potter fans to do in London. Now, why not see what type of travel pass or city card would help you plan the rest of your trip?

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