Harry Potter Studios tickets guide

Harry Potter Studios Tickets [Complete Guide for Fans]

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Are you searching for last-minute tickets to Harry Potter Studios?

Securing tickets to Harry Potter Studios can be straightforward, but knowing a few tips and tricks can enhance your visit significantly.

As avid fans of both the Harry Potter books and films, we’re well-equipped to guide you through the booking process for tickets to the Harry Potter Museum.

We’ll also share our favorite exhibits and activities at the museum.

Furthermore, we aim to address frequently asked questions, such as whether the Harry Potter Studio Tour is indoors or outdoors, and where to buy Harry Potter tickets, whether in London or online.

Let’s dive in!

Are Harry Potter Studio Tickets Worth It?

Last minute Harry Potter Studio Tickets sell out fast: check availability now >>

We are ALL IN!

We do generally recommend that your London travel itinerary has one or two indoor attractions built into it (due to the Great British Weather).

But this attraction is so good that we think you should visit it anyway, even if you hit good sunny dry days!

london pass tipTip – An interactive exhibit, it keeps the little ones entertained but has enough depth for adults too to enjoy. So yea. The Harry Potter Museum tickets are absolutely worth it.

Harry Potter studios tickets worth it

3 best places to buy Tickets For Harry Potter Studios – World of Harry Potter Tickets

There are multiple places where you can get tickets for attractions in London, and Harry Potter Studios tickets are no exception.

We like to use sites that we have had good experiences with, and have clear instructions before you buy.

  1. Get Your Guide (check on this page) is one such platform that we use regularly,
  2. Tiqets is also a great operator who can provide last minute Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets (see here on there webiste).
  3. Of course, you may be more comfortable to get direct from the official shop of the Britain Tourist Board Harry Potter Museum (official website here), but the other Harry Potter Land ticket outlets often offer combination tours with other attractions that can save you money.

When is the best time to buy tickets for Harry Potter Studios ?

Harry Potter Studios London tickets don’t get more expensive or cheaper the closer or later you book, so you don’t need to worry about prices fluctuating.

They can, however, get sold out – particularly in any school holiday – and sometimes it can be months in advance.

london pass tipTip – Book your Harry Potter World tickets as soon as you book your flights (I recommend using this flight comparator). In peak periods, weekday tickets seem to have more availability.

How to buy Harry Potter Studio Tickets & what type should I get ?

Harry Potter Studios Tickets

There are multiple types of Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets on offer – and we recommend you secure a skip-the-line offering.

You should also look at the options that include transport to Harry Potter Studios. This will make your life much easier, especially if traveling with kids to London.

Let’s check out some options.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tickets with Transport

Enjoy tour

The majority of ticket providers include transport to Harry Potter Studios with their packages.

The tour usually lasts four hours, and you can usually pick from several pickup points in London. This makes it super easy – you don’t have to worry about missing your entry slot as it is guaranteed by the tour.

Let’s check out some examples.

Tickets for Harry Potter Warner Bros.

Studios with Coach Transport from London – check last price here.

This tour costs just over €100 and gives you complete peace of mind. It is a little more expensive than some other offers, but includes the option to reschedule your ticket up to 48 hours in advance – which is a great idea given current climate!

From London: Ticket with Transfer

This tour offers the full experience but is a little bit cheaper, costing just €86.

You get a transfer from London Victoria station, a guide and then are allowed to experience the Harry Potter tour by yourself as you wander around the exhibits.

Dover to London & Heathrow Transfer via Warner Bros Studios

The standard Harry Potter tours usually leave from a centralized location – likely Victoria Station, and don’t offer hotel pickups.

This tour offers a more flexible approach, allowing pickup from Heathrow Airport, hotels around Heathrow and even the Dover ferry terminal! This is a ticket option for a true hardcore Harry Potter Fan who is flying into the UK or arriving by boat and wants direct access to the Warner Bros studios.

London: Harry Potter Studio Tour and Oxford Day Trip

If you are in London for a bit longer – say a week or more – you may wish to get out of the city.

This tour offers not only Harry Potter World Tickets but also a guided tour of the ancient town of Oxford. This tour starts from just €178 and includes transport, tickets, and a dedicated tour guide.

London: Small Group Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Ideal for small groups – perhaps for schools, birthday parties or family reunions – this tour offers direct collection from a central London hotel and transport to Warner Brothers Studios, as well as Harry Potter World Tickets.

Perfect for group bonding! Tickets start at €149 per person including dedicated transport.

London: Harry Potter Studio and Locations Tour

Transport, Harry Potter museum tickets and tour of the studios are included as standard here.

But on top of that you get to take a tour through some of the main attractions in London that feature in the movie. The tour usually begins around Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square (details will be given on your ticket) before you head to the museum.

Harry Potter Studios & Private Transfer from Central London

Don’t fancy slumming it in a tour bus?

Then get the whole Harry Potter experience with style on a private transfer. You will be taken in a private car or minivan (depending on the size of your group) from Baker Street in London to the Harry Potter Studios.

It is one of the most expensive options (check last price on this page).

Warner Bros Studio: Fully-Guided Making of Harry Potter Tour

Standard Harry Potter Museum tickets include a quick briefing – no more than 15 minutes – before you are left to explore the studios yourself.

This fantastic tour includes a personal tour guide, but it does cost over €200 per ticket. We recommend this option if you are a die hard Harry Potter Fan with a bit of extra cash to splash.

Harry Potter Studio Tickets Without Transport

Harry Potter Studios Tickets without transport

If you don’t need transport then you can buy a ticket directly from the Harry Potter World Tickets website.

This is really only suited to those who are renting a car in London. It is quite a bit cheaper than the Harry Potter Tickets with Transport – at around €50.

And did you know that when you visit the website you need to join a virtual queue before it lets you in!?!?

When we tried late one night we were greeted with a message stating we were in position 3 in the queue and would be notified when our turn came!

We are not exactly sure why this is done, but it might be due to very limited availability for the remainder of the season.

Harry Potter Studios Cheap Tickets

There is one way you can get tickets for Harry Potter World London cheaply – and that is by checking repeatedly on the official website.

This option really only works if you have not yet planned your trip to London – because you can’t guarantee there will be any available when you are there.

Either way, the official website is the cheapest place to get Warner Bros London Tickets, but remember there won’t be any transport from London included.

Tickets to Harry Potter World are available on the official website starting from £50.

Last Minute Harry Potter Studio Tickets

Last minute Harry Potter museum tickets

Harry Potter studio tickets sell out fast and are often booked long in advance – especially during holidays.

Halloween is particularly popular! During these peak times, it is not unusual for the tickets to have already sold three or four months in advance.

Some of the demand is taken by large ticket resellers, who then resell the tickets closer to the time at a premium.

Whilst it’s not exactly fair, it does mean that you often can get access to a last minute Harry Potter ticket if you are desperate. Other websites and companies resell tickets at much more reasonable prices.

Take a look at this one here >>

But again, it will take a lot of checking over and over again, and a good deal of luck.

Family Ticket Harry Potter Studios – Is It Available?

Family Harry Potter world tickets

You can get family tickets for Harry Potter World, but they are pretty much sold at the same price as individual entries.

Might just be worth it if it makes for an easier transaction at the entrance. Tickets are around €400 and include transport.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Student Ticket

Looking to take your class as part of a school trip?

Teachers get free entry on official school visits! Tickets start at around €20 for primary school age children, and €23 for secondary schools. You can see the prices here, but official school groups must contact the studios directly to make a booking.

  • Call the booking hotline on +44 (0)800 640 4750 to check availability.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tickets And Hotel Package

If you are coming by car or taking a train, you can also book very reasonably priced hotel + ticket combination deals on the official Harry Potter World tickets website.

The Warner Bros Studios partners with Holiday Extras to offer local hotel breaks in and around Watford, including breakfast. The website claims to offer these deals starting at $65, but it is more likely you’ll pay more based on availability.

The price indicated is available only Monday-Thursday, so it is probably not suitable for families with school kids during term time.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Ticket Cancellation – How to Cancel Harry Potter Studio Tickets

Can you cancel Harry Potter studio tickets

Golden Tours – the official partner for transport for Harry Potter World allows a Harry Potter StudioTour Ticket Refund up to 72 hours in advance.

Other tours – such as this one here are non-refundable. Check the terms and conditions carefully at the time of booking your ticket if you think you will need to cancel for any reason.

london pass tipTip -Take out comprehensive travel insurance before you travel to avoid disappointment. If in doubt, contact the tour provider and ask “can you Refund Harry Potter studio tour tickets”.

Can You Find Tickets On Ebay?

Be very careful if you see a ticket on Ebay – a lot of them are actually memorabilia – either expired tickets that are framed, or souvenirs.

We recommend only to purchase Harry Potter Museum Tickets from a recommended provider or reputable site such as Get Your Guide.

Can You Buy Harry Potter Studio Tickets As A Gift – Harry Potter Studios London Gift Tickets

Get gift Harry Potter studios tickets

If you have a real Harry Potter fan in the house or want to get a special someone a gift then you are in luck.

You can get them a real treat. Official Harry Potter Studios gift tickets for the tour come with a souvenir gift card and really look special. Take a look at what is on offer on the official website here.

What to expect at the Harry Potter Studio Tour?

With real life sets, costumes on display, and information on how the creators made the books come to life, the Harry Potter studio tour is an absolute treat for any fan.

Expect to see all your favorite props right in front of your eyes, including Hagrid’s motorbike. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Ollivander’s wand shop.

At the end of your tour you get transported right back to central London on a luxury bus! As a result, it is one of the easiest tours in London for families with kids.

What to expect from Harry Potter studio tour

What To wear to Harry Potter Studio Tour

Make sure you wear comfy shoes as well as clothes that can be easily layered up and down depending on temperature as well as easily packed away if you don’t want to carry them.

Many have emailed us asking if it is cold in the Harry Potter Studio tour building. We have been several times and when you are indoors on the tour it is not cold at all.

So, make sure if you have a big winter coat that you have enough lighter clothing underneath that can be layered up or down depending on your preference.

Another question we get sometimes is can you leave luggage on the Harry Potter Studio tour? Well, that is possible, and better still it is free of charge whilst you are on the tour.

Where To Eat Near Harry Potter Studios

Restaurants London

Hungry after your tour? Well, there are several options.

If you are an independent traveler and have a car, or are on one of the hotel breaks we mentioned earlier, then there is plenty of choices.

Square Meal records a whopping 300 restaurants in and around the Warner Brother Studios. If you can’t wait that long, the Backlot Cafe offers breakfast and lunch menus at the mid-way point of the tour. Check out the menu here.

Can you take food into the Harry Potter Tour?

Actually, yes, you can. The only restriction we know of is that you are not allowed to leave any food in the cloakrooms. The official Harry Potter Website clearly states you are allowed to consume your own food in the Backlot Cafe, or outdoors on pleasant days at the picnic area.

Can you get Butterbeer at the Harry Potter Studio tour? Yes! This delicious, non alcoholic butterscotch tasting treat is available in souvenir beer glasses and is suitable for all!

When Did Harry Potter Studios Open?

The studio was home to the making of the world famous Harry Potter movies starting from their inception in 2001.

In 2013 the studios were opened to the public by the Prince of Wales (Prince William – not Prince Charles) and his wife the Princess of Wales Catherine (then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).

Since then, it has been a hugely popular tourist attraction for all the family.

Where Is Harry Potter Studios – Location

Harry Potter studio Warner Bros Watford

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can walk to the Harry Potter Museums in London or from your hotel.

The Warner Brothers Studios are actually located just outside the capital in Watford. The full address is pretty cool as they names a whole street after the operation: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR

How to get to Harry Potter Studios from London ?

Well, since it is a bit out of the way, the best option is to book your Harry Potter World tickets with a company that offers the bus transfer from London.

london pass tipTip – If you are more independent, you can, of course, hire a car or even take a train. You will have to take the train to Watford and then get either a bus or taxi to the studios. Check out the train options on the Harry Potter website here.

Which Airport Is Closest to Harry Potter Studios?

The closest airport to Watford, where the studios are located, is London Luton.

It is only 20 minutes away from the Harry Potter Museum by car. However, for convenience, you can consider one of the tours that collects you from Heathrow airport.

Which Train Station Is Closest to Harry Potter Studios?

Watford Train Station is closest – but not right at the door. You’ll need to take a taxi when you get there.

Can You Park at Harry Potter Studios?

Parking is free for those with a valid ticket! Check out the rules and regulations – including multiple cars and those traveling with animals – here.

Best Hotels Near Harry Potter Studios

Hotels London

There are plenty of places to stay near Harry Potter Studios.

The official tour offers special deals for those booking a combination hotel and ticket package. This includes even spa hotels near Harry Potter Studios such as the Grove Hotel. Hotels close to Harry Potter Studios offered as part of this deal can be checked out here. You can book Jurys Inn London Watford.

If you are looking for a cheap hotel near Harry Potter Studios then this website is the one for you. Rooms and ticket combinations start at just £65 per person.


londonpass.info faq

The Harry Potter World tour receives a LOT of interest in our inbox from potential visitors!

Here are some of the main questions we receive to help you further.

Can you buy Harry Potter Studio tickets on the day?

In theory it is possible, but in practice we do not recommend it. You will likely be disappointed. Tickets sell out months in advance.

How much are Harry Potter Studio tickets?

Tickets start at around €50 for the most basic option.

How to cancel Harry Potter Studio tickets?

Check carefully the terms and conditions. Some operators enable you to cancel up to 72 hours in advance. Others are non refundable. We recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance to protect your trip.

Are there cheap tickets to Harry Potter Studios?

Sometimes there are deals available on the official website, but they go fast. Do not count on them and be prepared to pay at least €50 per head.

Where to stay near Harry Potter Studios?

Consider booking the ticket + stay combination deals on the official website. Most include transport to the museum in the morning too.

How long is the Harry Potter Studio tour?

The tour lasts around 4 hours.

What time does Harry Potter Studios close?

The studios close at 10pm!

How much is butterbeer at Harry Potter Studios?

Expect to pay around £6-£7 GBP for the beer in a souvenir cup.

How far is Legoland from Harry Potter Studios?

It is 30 minutes by car to Legoland from Harry Potter Studios.

Final words

Harry Potter Studios visit is 100% worth it! We need not say more. This is a must-do tour when you are in London with kids or a huge Harry Potter fan!

Now, head on over to our city pass page to check out what other attractions you want to see when visiting England’s capital city.

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